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The World's Greatest Cup of Coffee (part 4)

2018 World Brewers Cup Champion - Emi Fukahori - Switzerland
ovalware specialty coffee equipment blog 2018 world brewer's cup champion emi fukahori
Within a constantly evolving industry such as coffee, it’s important to pay attention to new trends and techniques for coffee brewing. Some of these tips and techniques can really take your brewing to the next level.

Take a look below at some tips from Emi Fukahori - the 2018 World Brewers Cup Champion from MAME Coffee, Switzerland.
Emi Fukahori - 2018 World Brewer's Cup Champion

Emi's 2018 World Brewer's Cup Recipe

220mL of water from her hometown of Zurich at 110PPM for a balanced cup.
17 grams of coarse grind coffee - “Laurina” from Daterra Farm, Brazil
ovalware specialty coffee equipment blog 2018 world brewer's cup champion emi fukahori

  1. First pour - Full immersion using 50 grams of water for 45 seconds at 80°C degrees to gently extract the sweetness and fruitiness of the coffee.

  2. Second pour - Drip using 100 grams of water for 1 minute, with adjusted water temperature at 95°C degrees to open up the coffee.

  3. The change of temperatures of the brew makes the layers of flavors - complex and enjoyable.

  4. The last pour - 70 grams of water at 80°C degrees for 25 seconds.

  5. A total extraction time of 2:55 for a clean finish.


More of Emi on Her Championship

Today, you can find Emi’s Coffee Shop, MAME, in Josefstrasse 160, Zürich, Switzerland.



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