Saving Money with Cold Brew Coffee

Hey! Wouldn’t you like a little more money in your debit account? Well we’ve got a secret for ya, If you’re a coffee lover who buys store-bought coffee….

Brewing your own Cold Brew coffee can save you up to 75% more money!!! Here's the calculation:

COLD BREW AT HOME (with a 1.5L Ovalware Cold Brew Maker)
1lb. (454g) of decent coffee bean's average cost = $12.5USD
110g of beans make 1.5L of cold brew, so 1lb. makes 4.13 times
1.5L of cold brew gives you 4.23 cups (12oz./354.88ml)
1 cup = $0.71

1 cup of 12oz. = $2.95 + tax

Woah! That means with one cup of store-bought coffee, you can easily enjoy a whole carafe of 1.5L cold brew at home made from premium coffee bean in just two easy steps!

This means you can save up to $15.7 a week - or $67.3 a month - or $807.42 a year, and taste waaaaaay better coffee everyday! And here are more reasons on why you should be home-brewing your Cold Brew Coffee:

ovalware specialty coffee tea equipment blog money saving with cold brew

Brewing your own Cold Brew can save you TONS of money because you can use any grade of coffee beans, and still have them taste amazing, sometimes even better than store-bought coffee!

This is because the slow brewing process of Cold Brew really mellows out the harsh bitterness you might find in hot (or badly brewed) coffee…

Which brings us to our next point….

ovalware coffee tea specialty equipment blog money saving with cold brew

Brewing your own Cold Brew Coffee is easy as one….and two….Yep - it’s that easy. Just fill with coffee grounds and water, then let it sit! Not only that, but it’s near impossible to mess up the brewing process!

Simply put, it’s an easy, strong, and inexpensive coffee that tastes great, constantly, and reliably, with very little effort!!!

ovalware specialty coffee tea equipment blog money saving with cold brew

For the Caffeine LOVERS out there…..Cold Brew Coffee is more POWERFUL and POTENT in caffeine than regular hot brewed coffee! So you can get more of that extra energy boost in the morning that we all need :)

ovalware coffee tea specialty equipment blog money saving with cold brew

If you don’t like cold brew cold, well, just mix it with a little bit of Hot Water. It’s Cold Brew concentrate after all, so you can mix it with whatever, milk, hot water, etc, and it’ll still taste amazing!!! :)

Crazy huh :0

Now that you know all the benefit of cold brewing, head on over to pick up one of our Cold Brew Makers and save some much needed cash!!! It's totally worth the investment!

PS: If you’re new to Cold Brewing, you can refer to our Cold Brew Adventure page, which comes not only with an easy 2 step (yes, literally 2 steps) brewing process, but also our own handpicked and modified Cold Brew recipes such as Irish Coffee, Iced Lemon Coffee, Vietnamese Iced Coffee, and Vanilla Bean Iced Coffee. (Woah :0)

Hope you enjoyed our money saving tip, always wishing you a great cup of coffee, till next time!

Your Ovalware Team :)





UPDATE to review sent to OVALWARE yesterday. I received a response from Janet C. in Customer Support this morning and everything has quickly been taken care of. I’m so appreciative that she got back in touch with me. STAY COOL and KEEP ON COLD-BREWING!
—Rose W.

Rose Wagner July 21, 2020

Very pleased with the RJ3 it’s been in use since I received it
Haven’t spent a nickel at a coffee store ( 1-2 times a day, 5 days a week)
No more too much ice not enough ice too much milk not enough milk too sweet not sweet enough
Great purchase great product

Roger April 02, 2020

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