Wave Cups - Dark Cyan Wave Cups - Dark Cyan Wave Cups - Dark Cyan Wave Cups - Dark Cyan
Wave Cups - Dark Cyan Wave Cups - Dark Cyan Wave Cups - Dark Cyan Wave Cups - Dark Cyan

Wave Cups - Dark Cyan


Size: 12oz  |  Color: Dark Cyan

Now You Don’t Need Any Protective Sleeves Or Costly Insulated Tumblers To Enjoy Your Morning Coffee On The Go!

Looking for a set of heavy-duty insulated disposable coffee cups? Want to sip on your refreshing morning tea while walking or driving? Need a set of convenient and stylish disposable cups for your party?

Introducing The Ultimate Wave Insulated 12oz Disposable Coffee Cups 50-Pack By OVALWARE!

Now you can finally protect your hands and enjoy your sizzling hot coffee, cocoa, chocolate or tea on the go with the most durable, most practical and safest disposable hot coffee cups! Made from sturdy paper and featuring an innovative 3D wave rippled design, our insulated coffee cups will make your life easier and prevent any accident!

Top 3 Sizzling Hot Reasons To Choose Our Disposable Coffee Cups:

• No Need For Sleeves – remember those expensive and impractical cup sleeves? Now you don’t need to assemble your coffee cup anymore, since our hot disposable cups feature a triple-walled insulated paper construction!

• Ultra-Secure Lid – don’t worry about coffee spills or leaks thanks to our leakproof paper cups and ultra-safe snap-on lid, which will prevent messy accidents, so you can carry your tea, cocoa or cappuccino with confidence!

• Affordable Luxury Cups – save your time, effort and money with our disposable coffee cups 50-pack, which is perfect for coffee shops, bars, picnics, camping trips, beach parties, frat house parties, birthday parties or any other occasion!

And The Best Part?

Unlike those boring red or white drink cups, our versatile disposable hot beverage cups can also be used for cold drinks, such as smoothies, milkshakes, iced tea, iced coffee or even cocktails!