Cold Brew Origin

Here’s a fun fact that you can casually drop on your next coffee date ;)
The origin of Cold Brew Coffee is….*drumroll*

Kyoto, Japan!

ovalware specialty coffee equipment blog cold brew origin kyoto
Kyoto Cold Brew Tower (

You see, the first true cold-brewed coffee, made with cold water, comes from Japan.

Kyoto-Style Japanese Coffee:

  • Named for its popularity in Kyoto, Japan, this is the earliest record of cold-brewed coffee, since the 1600s.

  • There’s a theory that it might have been passed from Dutch traders, who needed a way to make coffee in their ships (not that easy to find / make hot water in the middle of the ocean back then…)

Over the centuries, Kyoto-styled brews became more and more artistic. Instead of fully submerging coffee beans in water, coffee would be brewed drop by drop, through elaborate, elegant machinery like this:

ovalware specialty coffee equipment blog cold brew origin kyoto
Producing the most elegant, rich, flavorful cups of coffee imaginable! (

And so, as time went on, Cold Brewed coffee, due to its little manual labor, and potential to bring out the best origin characteristics of coffee, the Cold Brew method spread far and wide from Japan, to the rest of the world. But you can still find tall, elegant Kyoto-Styled Cold Brew Towers just as these, today!

Hope you enjoyed this little segment of Coffee History! Knowledge is power! Keep on brewing and we’ll see you next time.

Your OVALWARE Team :)


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