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OVALWARE was founded in 2015 by the Mai Brothers in Los Angeles, USA to bring you trendy coffee brewing gears and premium coffee beans so you can brew delicious and aromatic coffee at the comfort of your home, with ease.

Whether you want to elevate your home brewing experience and result, or simply send a gift to someone you care, feel free to check out all the equipment and see how we can offer help.

Cheers to another cup of great coffee.

Est. in 2015 by the Mai Brothers

OVALWARE co-founders

Throughout our journey, we found that these cups that we share, by ourselves or with our loved ones, often hold as our fondest memories. To spread this love of personal brewing and the journey of self-discovery that comes with it, is why we founded Ovalware.

And it still stands true today.

Brewing is a noble art and process. And it’s enjoyable. There’s so much we’ve learned, and still more to come: Whether it be new flavors, priceless moments shared, or the discovery of a new, long-lasting morning routine, there are plenty of personal life lessons, pleasures, and discoveries to be found in brewing.

We hope you get to experience the joy of it all yourself.

Here’s to another cup.

- The Mai Brothers

Passion with Purpose

Meet the OVALWARE family

Sharing a deep-rooted love for brewing, our talented Ovalware Family comes from a diverse range of multi-cultural backgrounds, all with our own unique voices, skills, and expertise.

After 5 successful years and counting of creating, designing, and providing quality coffeeware all throughout the world, our winning formula is no secret: we simply wouldn’t be where we are without our wonderful customers.

And to that, we strive every day to keep developing, iterating, and improving our innovative products so that you may continue to enjoy the best brewing experience possible.

-Your OVAL-Family

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Double Wall Espresso Cups

OVALWARE Double Wall Espresso Cups

great coffee comes from great beans

Organic Coffee Beans

new product

Electric Pour Over Kettle - Ovalware
Color: Matte Black

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