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our spirit

behind the brand

At Ovalware, we believe making coffee is an art. We are committed to designing and bringing the best manual brewing experience to our consumers – coffee connoisseurs and occasional drinkers alike. We believe the right way to brew coffee is all relative. From thermometer kettles to cold brew makers to carafes, Ovalware provides all the tools to satisfy everyone’s unique preferences. Because at the end of the day, we believe coffee is a thrilling, rewarding adventure and our products can teach us all important brewing and life lessons.

Est. in 2015 by the Mai Brothers

ovalware co-founders

It takes skill and precision to ensure the smoothest, easiest way to hand brew a memorable cup of coffee in the comfort of home. We take the stress away by providing all the tools you need so you can make the most out of your mornings, bring out the freshest flavors from your beans, and share your joy with your loved ones. Explore the world of possibilities through coffee.

- The Mai Brothers

The ovalware family continues to

grow and thrive

After 5 successful years and counting of creating, designing, and selling coffeeware we wouldn’t be where we are today without our wonderful customers. Our talented Oval-Fam is composed of team players who come from diverse, multicultural backgrounds with unique skills and expertise. We strive to keep developing, iterating, and improving our innovative products every day, and while providing the most sincere services to our customers.

- Ovalware Family


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