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Size: 340ml (11.5oz.) per cup
Material: borosilicate glass
Two cups in a set
Unique double-wall design and air-insulation
Maximum temperature retention and hand protection
Sleek, modern design style
Durable: Withstands -30 to 400 / -22 to 752
Microwaveable and Dishwasher Safe


The Pour Over Kettle with Built-In Thermometer by Ovalware gives you total control, elegance, and precision needed to extract the full range of notes and flavors hidden in your beans. Whether you choose to brew at home, the office, or professionally in field, our elegant gooseneck spout and fiber-reinforced, heat resistant handle will allow you to experience the world of pour over coffee like never before.

Experience firsthand the Ovalware guarantee of pleasure, within every pour. Compatible with tea and other forms of home brew. Elevate your craft today. 

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