Brewing Better Pour Over Coffee

4 Essential Principles for Brewing Better Pour Over Coffee

If you’re serious about making better coffee, it’s important to understand the key path and elements that lead to great coffee.

Here are 4 critical guidelines that will help you on your journey to better yourself in brewing your own personal cup of pure, unadulterated joy

#1 - Precision - The Goldilock Rule

Pour Over Coffee Water Ratio - Ovalware

You can have the best beans in the world, but if you’re not precise in your measurements, you may end up wasting a whole lot of flavor.

Through extensive research and experimentation, we came to the conclusion that great coffee begins at an ideal coffee to water ratio of 1:16.6.

For every 1 gram of grounded coffee, we recommend 16.6 grams of water. For Example: With 30 grams of coffee grounds (3 tbsp), we recommend around 500 grams/mL of water (17 fl. oz.)

This is a good, safe place to begin, but once you’ve mastered this starting point, you can begin adjusting and tampering with your coffee to water ratio, which leads us to our next point... 

#2 - Experimentation - The Scientific Method

Pour Over Coffee Coffee Ratio - OvalwareOf course, coffee is a personal and fairly subjective matter.

Precision and sticking to what works is important, but in order to grow our craft and brew better coffee, it is also important to be brave, and experiment. Part of the adventure lies not only in having great coffee, but also in our personal journey of getting there.

There is simply a whole other level of joy and unparalleled satisfaction that we can’t describe when you add a little less water, or a little more beans, and suddenly end up lost in a magical world of flavor you didn’t know was possible - in your own home.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll get there quickly - so it’s important to be patient - but there’s simply nothing like that priceless moment. Take things slow and dance around with different amounts of beans, or water, and taste for yourself what works best for you and your cup...

But before you delve into experimentation, it’s important that you...

#3 - Measure & Record - Finding Your Way and Perfecting It

Pour Over Coffee Brewing Methods - OvalwareIt’s important to record what you did, how much coffee beans you used, versus how much water, and other advanced variables you can find here, so you can repeat the process - and possibly improve it later.

Trust us, there’s no worse feeling than randomly mixing and matching your coffee to water ratios - leading to the best brew of your life - and suddenly realizing that you have no idea how you got there.

Taking notes, and being mindful of your process is key in developing and bettering your craft. There’s a method and science to this wonderful art, which leads us to our final point...

#4 - Your Tools Matter

Pour Over Coffee Brewing Tools - OvalwareThere are a lot of options for Pour Over Makers out there, but if you’re serious about brewing better, quality, homemade coffee, and taking the time to better your craft, we recommend none other than the Ovalware Pour Over Coffee Maker.

Made of the highest quality Laboratory Grade Borosilicate Glass, the Ovalware Pour Over Coffee Maker also comes equipped with a unique multi-purpose measurement cup that lets you precisely measure how much beans and water you’re using - a critical factor in brewing consistent, quality coffee. Moreso, the unique measurement cup also doubles as a removable stand for your coffee filter, as well as a carafe lid to keep your coffee ready at the right temperature.

And since borosilicate glass is made from naturally occurring materials more easily acquired than oil, you can now enjoy quality craftmanship and quality coffee in the comfort of home, while paying respect to the environment.

With its superior thermal shock resistance and unparalleled flavor purity in mind, The Ovalware Pour Over Coffee Maker delivers an optimum blend of quality, design, and long term value to those ready to elevate their brewing to the next level. And most importantly, it is dishwasher safe, for convenient everyday use and cleaning.

Simply put, there has been tremendous thought and care put into this product.

Hope you found these tips and recommendations helpful. Here’s to another cup of great coffee.

Till Next Time,
- Ovalware


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