Different Brewing Methods Around the World

Have you ever wondered about all the different ways coffee can be brewed? Look no further! :)
Here are some fascinating ways that coffee is brewed around the world...

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Let’s start with one of the most popular methods: The French Press.
Known as “The Plunger” or “Bodum,” the French Press has traveled far and wide and is now also popular all around Europe, America, South Africa, and New Zealand.

How Does It Work?
Begin by grinding your coffee more coarse than fine. Add a tablespoon of grounds for each cup desired and pour boiled water over the grounds. Wait 3 minutes, (or until a layer of thick froth bubbling at the top), and push down on plunger slowly, until sweet coffee-infused water seeps up, as grounds are pushed to bottom. Pour and serve! 

How Does It Taste?
The French Press creates cleaner, purer coffee, staying closer to the natural taste hidden within your beans. But watch out! This method allows no room for overheating, and due to the lack of paper filtration system, this blend is usually thicker in texture.

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In Vietnam, home of the notoriously delicious Vietnamese Iced Coffee, you’ll see tiny cups with a miniature, pot-like device attached to its rim. These small coffee brewers are called “Phins.”

In India, a similar type of flat drip is used, but they use larger brewers over carafes to make more coffee at a time. 

How Does It Work?
First start with a few tablespoons of ground coffee onto the top, sieved part of the chamber (Phin). Make sure grounds sit evenly, and add a few tablespoons of boiled water to the brewer to let the coffee swell, before adding more water. Finally, close the lid and let the coffee percolate while it filters through sieve, dripping gorgeously to your pot. 

How Does It Taste?
Powerful and strong-tasting, similar to an Espresso. Acidity is lowered, and it is an ideal way to make Cold Brew (for easy-to-drink coffee in tropical climates!)

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Also known as “Ibrik,” the Turkish Coffee is an adventurous brewing method that’s been used for centuries and is still commonly practiced in countries such as Turkey, Greece, and the Middle East. Add a layer of history by using a traditional ladle to brew your blend! 

How Does It Work?
First things first: grind your beans to their finest, resembling the texture of baby powder. Mix coffee grounds, sugar, and cold water together in the Ibrik (ladle), and add about 4oz. of water for every teaspoon of coffee and about half a teaspoon of sugar. Then heat the Ibrik over medium heat and boil until frothy. Remove ladle from heat and allow to settle. Repeat the “heat and settle” steps two more times. Once coffee is poured into cups, grinds should settle on bottom while froth stays nice at top.

How Does It Taste?
Strong - this coffee definitely comes with a kick! Sugar is brewed with not only to sweeten it, but also to lower its powerful acidic punch!

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Thank the Italians for the Moka! A wonderful espresso-making gadget popular throughout Europe, this aluminum or stainless steel brewer consists of two chambers where one sits atop of the other.

How Does It Work?
First fill the bottom chamber with cold water, up to the pressure valve. Add your finely ground coffee beans to the top chamber and secure sieve filter over them. Tighten lid on upper chamber, heat it on medium till it gurgles, and finally, discover a rich, natural espresso, steam-brewed on the top chamber.

How Does It Taste?
As stated before, the Moka is essentially an espresso machine, so it will produce a strong brew. The finished product is a beautiful cup of coffee less acidic in flavor and touched with a hint of chocolate-like taste. 

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Popular throughout Central and South America, as well as Thailand and Malaysia, the Sock is a simple filtration system made of cotton or muslin and imitates a sock, which filters the coffee and encourages the brew to drip into the cup.

How Does it Work?
Start with medium to coarse ground (you don’t want your grounds slipping through the fabric). Suspend the “sock” (a butterfly net usually with a wire or wooden frame) over cup or pot, add coffee grounds on top of sock, and finally, pour boiled water over grinds. The coffee will steep while the infused water slowly drips into your cup.

How Does It Taste?
Be wary of new socks - they can add a cotton-like taste to the final brew - until they’ve been well used. Once worn in, these fabric filters brews coffee with clear high notes, with an added floral or fruity touch.

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The Pour Over method is the heart and soul of the third wave coffee movement. This brewing method started in the 70's in Silicon Valley, and is often known as a revolution in the world of coffee.

How Does it Work?
Simple equipment consists of a glass carafe or cup, a goose-neck kettle, and a filter, paper or stainless steel. Grind your coffee bean to medium to medium fine, put in coffee filter on top of glass carafe or cup, bloom for 30 seconds or so, and rinse the coffee grounds with a continuous smooth hot water poured from the goose-neck kettle. Throughout this ritual-like process, there are so many variables that the brewer can alter that can significantly change how the final result tastes.

How Does it Taste?
Pour over coffee is known for producing relatively smooth, clean, and bright tastes, since the process potentially extracts all the different flavors from different beans. Know that the same bean can produce different flavors depending on how the brewer alters all the different factors throughout brewing process, this is perhaps one of the best methods to discover your most uniqueness in coffee flavors.


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One of the easiest coffee brewing methods is Cold Brew. With Ovalware Cold Brew Maker, you can enjoy icy cold, strong, yet less acidic coffee overnight in 2 easy brewing steps.

How Does it Work?
Grind your beans to coarse grounds and put into the Cold Brew Maker's center filter, fill up with water and leave in the fridge for up to 18 hours. The next morning when you wake up, simply remove the core filter and enjoy the cold tasty coffee at ease.

How Does it Taste?
Cold brew coffee is known to be 70% less acidic compare to hot coffee, and our Cold Brew Maker is known to make stronger coffee than others, thus, you can mix with water or variety of drinks to find your favorite combination.


These are some of the different, fascinating ways coffee is brewed and enjoyed around the world. Here are 15 more ways to brew coffee.

But remember, there’s always room for innovation, especially in the vast and beautiful world of coffee…. 


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