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★ Color: Silver / Gold / Rose Gold

★ Material: 18/8 304 stainless steel

★ Dual superfine laser-cut mesh

★ Keeps essential and flavorful oils + nutrients

★ Eliminates unwanted grounds and pollutants

★ Eco-friendly: Reusable and BPA free

★ Quick and easy two-step cleanup

★ Compatible with most carafes and equipment


Experience rich, full coffee like never before with our signature Stainless Steel Coffee Filter.One of our finest products, our superior double-layered, laser-cut, superfine mesh filter not only keeps your brew clean from grounds, but also keeps essential oils, flavors, and nutrients, that’s otherwise lost when using paper or other lesser filters.This allows you to tap into a whole new range of flavors and complex profiles otherwise hidden to the average enthusiast. 

Durable, reusable, and designed for easy 2-step cleaning, rest assured not only in outstanding flavor, but also guaranteed quality and satisfaction.Compatible with most branded carafes, filter stands, cups, and mugs.Have the most out of your home brewing experience today. 

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