Why Brew at Home?

If you are the kind of person who buys your morning coffee from shops every morning, perhaps you should consider brewing your own at home. Here are some reasons home brewing with Ovalware coffeeware is better...

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1. Save Money
Let’s do the math - if you buy an Americano every morning from certain chain coffee shop, it costs you around $3 per day. If you work 22 days a month, that’s $66 per month, for just 1 cup of coffee per day. Or, you can spend about half that cost get an Ovalware Pour Over Maker that comes with a borosilicate carafe, a reusable stainless steel filter, and a multi-functional glass filter stand measurement cup, and you get to enjoy years of self-brewed coffee every morning in your own favorite flavor.

ovalware coffee, why brew at home, hassle free

2. Hassle-free
It may seem stopping for a cup of coffee on your way to work, but imagine all the traffic, crowd, and time you could've spent in bed waiting for that one cup. Or, you can brew that same, if not better, cup of coffee in your PJs at home.

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3. Eco-friendly
Unless you are always carries your own tumbler around, then your morning coffee is probably almost always in a disposable paper cup or, even worse, plastic cup. We all know how important sustainability is, and this can start from the cup of coffee you drink every morning. Brew at home, save our planet.

ovalware coffee, why brew at home blog, explore your flavor

4. Explore Your Flavors
Hand brewing is a process of finding your unique preference and flavors. Without experimenting on your own, you will surely miss out on the chance of "unlocking new flavors."

ovalware coffee, why brew at home blog, because it is fun

5. Fun Process
Coffee brewing is an art, and there's always more to learn. Many people enjoy the fun process and ritual of brewing their own coffee, you should too! Pick up your Ovalware product now and start your coffee brewing journey today. 

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