Vietnamese Coffee Recipe

After a French Catholic priest introduced coffee into Vietnam in 1857, the country is now known as the largest producer of Robusta coffee and second largest producer of coffee worldwide. The Vietnamese coffee, or Vietnamese iced coffee, is one of the traditional ways of brewing with unique filter. Now you can enjoy at home.

1. Add 2-3 spoons of sweetened condensed milk

2. Add dark roasted coffee grounds in a Vietnamese coffee filter

3. Press and flatten coffee grounds with filter top screen

4. Place the filter on top of the cup

5. Slowly pour in hot water until filter is filled, cover with lid

6. Wait patiently for the dripping process to finish

7. Remove the filter, stir and mix coffee with condensed milk

8. Get another cup, fill with pre-made ice cubes

9. Pour the pre-made coffee into the cup with ice

10. Stir, mix, and enjoy!

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