The Ultimate Shopping Guide for Coffee Lovers

About 400 million cups of coffee are consumed daily in the United States. Of these, 79% are prepared at home. 

The morning cup of coffee is a necessity for many people. There are many who relish the pleasure of lovingly brewing coffee at home. 

This guide is for those people.

You'll find everything from specialty coffee beans to the latest coffee warmers, the best cold brew makers, and anything else you might need to brew the perfect cup at home. 

Best Coffee Beans:

Instant coffee cannot compare with freshly ground and brewed coffee. Coffee beans are a natural product and lose flavor quickly. To ensure the most flavorful cup of coffee, buy them whole and grind them yourself. 

Individual preferences may vary. You'll need to experiment with a few different beans before finding your favorite. Coffee comes from all over the world, so try different regions to find the one you like best. How the coffee is processed can also affect its flavor. 

There are two main types of coffee beans: Arabica and Robusta. Robusta beans have more caffeine but less flavor than arabica beans.

See our guide on how to find the best coffee beans.

Take a look at our carefully grown pour over and cold brew coffee beans.

Best Coffee Grinders:

Freshly ground coffee has the best taste.

When pre-ground coffee is opened, the flavor and aroma start to lose their potency. You will need a grinder to brew the perfect cup of coffee at home.

coffee grinder

So, what's the best coffee grinder for you? The burr grinder is an excellent choice if you're looking for a grinder that gives you great coffee every time. They may be more expensive than blade grinders, but they're definitely worth the investment. And if money is no object and speed is your top priority, go for an electric grinder. 

Make sure to pick one that's the right size and shape for your needs. As far as material goes, stainless steel is your best bet if you want something easy to clean and won't rust over time. Don't forget to consider how fast (or slow) you want your grinder to operate – it's essential to find one that matches your brewing style. 

The following guide will help you find the best coffee grinder.

Best Cold Brew Maker:

A properly brewed cup of cold brew coffee is simply divine. 

The process of making cold brew is fairly simple. Despite this, many people struggle to make tasty cold brews because they lack the right cold brew maker. You need the right maker if you're a fan of cold brew.

What do you need to remember when buying a cold brew coffee maker? Material is important. You want something that will be durable and easy to clean. Make sure the filter is effective in keeping out grit and sediment. Consider how much coffee tastes and yields you want, as well as how many functions you need your machine to have. Finally, think about the price point. 

This guide is designed to help you select the best cold brew maker

Our signature cold brew maker gives you great-tasting homemade coffee even in a hurry.

Best Coffee Mugs:

A coffee mug can hold a lot of sentimental value for some people. Our coffee cups help us start our days or wind down after a long day. 

So, what's the best coffee mug for you? It depends on your needs. If you want a durable mug that will last and you don't mind if it breaks, go for glass. If you want something lightweight and easy to clean, try ceramic. And if you need a travel mug that will keep your drink hot or cold, choose metal. 

It can be difficult deciding where to start when there are so many mugs to choose from. This guide will make it easier to buy the best coffee mug.

Our transparent coffee cups are both stylish and functional.

Best Coffee Thermos:

Coffee that is cold or not freshly brewed can spoil a morning. A quality thermos can maintain the freshness of your coffee for a long time. This produces a piping hot cup of joe that is still delicious hours after brewing it.

Thermos technology has come a long way, and there are now various features to consider when purchasing one. Size and capacity, heat retention, lid type, material, and portability are all important factors to look at before making your purchase. If you need a large thermos that will keep your coffee warm all day long, go with a stainless steel model. Select an insulated glass or plastic model if you want something smaller and more portable.

You can use this guide to find the best coffee thermos.

Best Coffee Percolator:

Percolation is another traditional method that is becoming more popular, like cold brew or French press. Perking results in a more flavorful and concentrated cup of coffee.

Your percolator can be used with fresh beans or ground coffee, and you can even make iced coffee using cold water.

If you are in the market for a new coffee percolator, keep a few things in mind. Capacity and material are two of the most important considerations. It would help to consider whether you prefer a manual or automatic model. The latter offers more control over the brewing process but takes longer. Lastly, ensure that your percolator is easy to clean.

This guide contains information that will help you find the best coffee percolator.

These tips will hopefully help you discover something new about what makes your perfect cup of coffee, whether you're just getting started with specialty coffee or you've been enjoying it for years. 

In the meantime, happy shopping!

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