Cold Brew Maker Buying Guide

Cold brew coffee is becoming increasingly popular. The market was worth approximately 166 million U.S. dollars in 2017. This figure is projected to reach 944.16 million U.S. dollars by 2025.

It makes sense. When made properly, cold brew coffee can be heavenly. 

Making cold brew is pretty straightforward. You put some coffee and water together, let it sit for 12 - 24 hours, then pour it using a filter, and you're done.

Sounds simple enough, right? How come, then, it always tastes better at a coffee shop?

It's mainly because most people don't have the right cold brew maker. Having the right maker is crucial if you're a cold brew lover.

So, how do you choose the best cold brew coffee maker?

cold brew maker design

Size and weight: 

Most people prefer lightweight and portable coffee makers. It's a plus if it fits in the fridge. The last thing you want is a bulky cold brew maker that is difficult to use or store. 


Cold-brew makers are made from various materials, including glass, plastic, stainless steel, or anodized aluminum. It is essential to look for a durable and easy-to-clean material. Borosilicate glass is usually the best because it's lightweight, durable, non-toxic, and affordable. 

Coffee taste & yield: 

It's important to choose a device that's compatible with your preferred cold brew beans if you enjoy a specific taste. Also, make sure that it has enough space to fit however much coffee you'll need to brew on a regular basis.


If your device is hard to clean, it will quickly become a chore. Try to look for something simple and easy to maintain.


The filter is an accessory that can make or break your cold brew. It should be sturdy and able to withstand the high pressure involved in decanting. It should also be fine enough not to allow any sediment to sneak through!

Ease of use: 

The easier it is to set up, the better. Most brewers require you to preheat water or grind beans, which is not an option when you are in a hurry. Pick the one that is easiest to use. Learning how to use it will take time, and you may not use it regularly if it's too complicated.


Check the technology involved to make sure you are getting what you want. Some devices use vacuum extraction, while others use pressure. Some use Agitation technology to help you make instant cold brews. The more control over the brewing process you have, the better. 


There are cold brew makers that look like traditional brewers and others that resemble French presses. It is a matter of personal preference, as well as matching your kitchen's décor. Some cold brew makers can make an attractive display or even be used as part of your decor. 


Some coffee makers offer both hot and cold brew systems. Others come with functions like automatic fast cold brew, dispensing spigots, anti-slip feet. However, the best, most authentic tastes come from coffee makers made specifically for cold brews. Buy a basic cold brew maker instead of one with all the bells and whistles.


Cold-brew makers vary in price. A decent brewer for the immersion method typically costs 40-75 dollars. If you are thinking about buying a more advanced one, be prepared to spend around 100 dollars or more. If your budget is tight, find something that suits your needs and your wallet.

Is it cheaper to buy cold brew or make it?

make cold brew

If you are buying your cold brew, you could be spending between three to five dollars on average. You'll save half of that price if you make it at home. There has never been a better time to get a cold brew maker with coffee prices rising in restaurants and cafes.

Ovalware Cold Brew Maker:

We have crafted our Cold Brew Maker from the most delicate laboratory-grade borosilicate glass to achieve the perfect balance between functions, style, and affordability. 

It can fit neatly into your fridge shelf and is extremely easy to use. Simply mix and pour to make delicious coffee concentrate using our specially-grown cold brew beans.

What are some cold brew methods?

There are two main methods of cold brew preparation. You can go with the immersion method or the drip method.

The immersion method:

The immersion method is an old-fashioned approach involving placing the ground coffee in cold water and allowing it to sit for hours, typically 12. This method is simple and inexpensive, but it has some significant downsides. The most notable of these is the long time required for preparation. 

French presses are commonly used for brewing. In general, any container can work, for instance, Tupperware or mason jars. However, you will get a better, full-bodied taste if you use a proper cold brew maker. 

Cold Brew Coffee Drip: 

The drip cold brew process is faster and requires less coffee. With this method, you can make 100 ounces of cold brew in about four hours.

You will need a cold drip brewer to use the drip process. If you are considering buying one, look for something that comes with an airtight lid. This will prevent oxidation and allow the coffee to be stored in the fridge for up to two weeks.

Hot Bloom Cold Brew: 

This relatively new method was developed in response to the increasing interest in cold brew coffee. Instead of immersing the beans in cool water, you start by adding hot water. It creates a flavor similar to what you would get from a French press. There is a slight difference in the preparation method, but it does not require a different maker.

What are the benefits of cold brew?

There are many advantages to making your cold brew at home. 

For one thing, it is much healthier and easier on your stomach than hot coffee or plain iced coffee. This is because the water is fully infused with the coffee and you get all of its flavor without any other ingredients. This also makes it easier to control the strength and taste.

Cold-brew can also reduce your chances of developing diabetes or heart disease. Caffeine helps cognitive function and mood, which allows you to accomplish more while being happier!

You can choose from several options when looking for a cold brew coffee maker. Consider all of the important factors, such as flavor, strength, and convenience, before making a purchase.

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