Cold Brew Coffee Maker by Ovalware helps you make rich, refreshing iced coffee through a quick and easy, simple 2-step brewing method. Enjoy delicious, smoother, and healthier, cold brew coffee concentrate up to 70% less acidic in flavor, in the convenience of home. The Cold Brew Maker is highly recommended for those who would love to enjoy a fully customizable coffee experience, by creating their own coffee concentrate, which can be mixed with milk or water to create the perfect personal brew.

Included with the Cold Brew Maker are some of our personal favorite recipes and mixes that will help you elevate your Cold Brew Coffee experience to a whole new level. And always, in accordance with our Ovalware promise of guaranteed quality, we ensure the best state-of-the-art materials available for your craft.

Your flavor and freshness is guaranteed for up to 2 weeks. Engineered to last and crafted with ultimate precision, our Cold Brew Maker comes in two distinct sizes, both designed to fit in any modern refrigerator. Compatible with loose-leaf tea or tea bags.

Explore the Cold Brew today.