World Brewer's Cup 2015 Champion

The World's Best Cup of Coffee in 2015

In 2015, Odd-Steinar Tøllefsen was awarded the 2015 World Brewer’s Cup.

Ovalware specialty coffee equipment blog world brewer's cup 2015 champion

Barista and co-owner of Supreme Roastworks of Oslo, Norway, Odd-Steinar brewed his championship cup with a Hario V60 filter cone, using 20 grams of coffee and 300 grams of water at 92 °C with a 45 second bloom and a total extraction time of 3:30.

Tøleffsen employed natural mineral water from the West Coast of Norway - a low mineral water known for its soft smoothness, resulting in a clean, pleasant, and precise award-winning brew.

ovalware specialty coffee equipment blog 2015 world brewer's cup champion

To brew like Tøllefsen, we recommend

-       20 grams of coffee per 300 grams of water

-       Water temperature between 194° to 198° F

-       Pour water in smooth circular motion over grinds

-       Brewing should not exceed 5 minutes total


ovalware specialty coffee equipment blog 2015 world brewer's cup champion

Tasting Notes:

Sweet, ripe, tropical, fruity aroma, apricot, mango, passion fruit, hints of dried apricot and strawberry, sweet lingering aftertaste, and an acidity of passion fruit and mango. 

Beans Used:

Semeon Abbay Nekisse - It’s so sweet, and it’s so fruity and so balanced. It’s so flavor-intense. and yeah, they are doing something, but what is the most fascinating is it’s a quite ordinary Ethiopian coffee. It’s not a single origin cultivated narrow project, it’s selected smallholder farms, it’s mixed heirloom and it’s an ordinary coffee. Of course the selection is good, but I think the processing makes this really stand out.

Supreme’s trademark is the naturals. We are hoping to get more naturals, clean, well-processed naturals [from Ninety Plus] but it’s difficult, it will never come up to this standard in a long time I think. This is something completely different than I’ve ever tasted in all my life. This is a peak.”

- Tøllefsen

A Moment to Remember

Odd-Steinar Tøllefsen named his newborn baby right after the competition: “My girlfriend actually suggested a coffee-related name, because in Norway in the national championships, he was born between open service and the finals.

I had open service on Thursday, and I went back to the hospital, and he was born in the evening around 10:00. I went home from the hospital at 2:30am and I went home, did my preparation, made the menu, packed my equipment, checked everything, and I did my finals as the first competitor, 8:30am.

I said as a joke, if I win the World Championships, we can call him Sidamo.

I have to stick by my word, I always do that. If I say something, I mean it, so after the ceremony today, his name is Love Sidamo Tollefsen.”

(Read the full interview)

Video of Odd-Steinar Winning the 2015 World Brewer's Cup


Video of Odd-Steinar's Supreme Roastworks

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