World Brewer's Cup 2019 Champion

A Secret Coffee Grinding Technique

The World's Greatest Cup of Coffee (Part 5)

“Coffee is all about sharing.” Take a look below to learn Du Jianing’s method for award winning coffee.

2019 World Brewer's Cup - Du Jianing (China)


The Champion's Method

“For coffee grinding - first crush coffee beans to very large coarse particles - and then again to fine particles.” This, in turn, creates coffee grinds that will be more evenly distributed. Moreso, the champion uses a “funnel to evenly drop the coffee powder into the center of the dripper,” as well as a “needle, [to] loosen the grounds to make the coffee bed fluffy.” This way, water will be able to get through all the particles in quickly and efficiently - adding to the overall flavor of your coffee.

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Du Jianing's Award Winning Coffee Recipe

16 grams of Ninety Plus Gesha Estate Coffee from Ethiopia.

240 grams of water with 4 PPM of Calcium & 15 PPM of Magnesium added - to extract more flavors.

To Brew 194 grams of beverage at 94°C with a total extraction time of 1:40.


A Quick Breakdown of Du Jianing's Pouring Strategy

“At the first stage I will pour 60 grams of water at a speed of 6 grams per second for 10 seconds. As coffee fully contacts with water it will bring out a lot of acidity and sweetness.”

“At the second stage, I pour 80 grams of water [at a rate of] 4 grams per second for 20 seconds. This slow process further increases contact time of coffee and water in order to increase [sweet and fruity flavors of the cup.]”

“At the third and last stage, I will alter pouring speed to 5 grams per second.”


A Final Word on Taste - From the Champion's Presentation

“Now is the most important part. Let’s enjoy the coffee together!”

To enjoy the aroma, “please swirl the vessel gently a few times. You will find yourself immersed in delicate, velvety floral aromas before being overwhelmed by apricot and cocoa notes, followed by the nice sweet taste of cream. Delicate red and velvet flora…”

“This tasting cup is specially designed for you. At [the top level] there is more open space to maximize aroma - and then converge all the aroma at the neck of the cup. The flavor will be enhanced when you drink the coffee directly. You will be amazed by the balance of this complex coffee. Now, let’s enjoy the taste, and the aftertaste, together!”

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Who is Du Jianing?

Du, also known as “Douzi,” or “Little Bean” by her friends, has inspired many with her perseverance.

Holly Bastin, Du’s friend and coach for the 2018 routine, says Du is a truly impressive competitor whose focus has allowed her to overcome adversity. “While she has a very big squishy heart, Douzi is truly unbreakable,” Holly says. “During the 2018 season a whole lot of things didn’t go as planned, most of which were completely out of her control … but she discovered her own power to stand up and keep moving.

She may be ‘Little Bean,’ but on the inside she is without limitation.”

ovalware specialty coffee equipment blog world brewer's cup 2019 champion du jianing


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