Pour Over Series by Ovalware provides you everything you need for a complete manual home brewing experience. Pour over coffee is a delicate balance of science and art. We embody this concept in our series, from kettle to cup. Experience the best modern design and materials available to extract maximum character and flavor from your beans.

Hand-blown and compatible with most major branded filters, our carafes and coffee makers are lab-tested for a standard of quality and precision that will help you explore coffee like never before. Engineered to last and crafted with care, balancing beauty, and utility, our state-of-the-art coffee gear may be used for home or professional work, as well as other forms of brewing, such as tea.

For beginners, artisans, and everyone curious in between. We pride ourselves in creating solid, top of the line products that make third-wave-coffee brewing simple, and accessible.

Browse our selection today to explore the world of coffee brewing like never before.