Easy Coffee Grinding Tips

Great grinding technique gives you great coffee.

Knowing how fine to grind coffee isn’t just another part of coffee, but one of the most important parts. 

For the perfect cup of pour over coffee, start with a medium-fine grind, and adjust it based on your preferences (more information below).

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(Ground fineness chart from: https://coffeeinmyveins.com/coarse-ground-coffee/)

Medium-fine grind is a great starting point, but of course, grinding coffee is also a matter of experimentation and personal customization. Your coffee might taste great already, but you might be surprised what a little tweaking can do.


If your brew turns out too sour, acidic, or salty (under extracted), use a finer grind next time, and/or increase your brew time slightly. This method lets water interact with the grounds quicker, extracting more flavor from your beans in a shorter amount of time.

And if your brew ends up bitter, hollow, or flavorless (over extracted), use a coarser grind next time and/or decrease your brew time. This method exposes less coffee to water and extracts flavor from grinds more gently. Coarse grind is what you would use for cold brewing.


Begin with a medium-fine grind, and adjust according to flavor to extract the perfect amount of flavor from your coffee.

Remember, it’s all a part of the journey, and takes a little bit of tweaking and tinkering to get that perfect cup of coffee, but that’s what makes it all the better !

So grind on, and continue to perfect that ultimate cup of coffee !

- Your Ovalware Team


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