Cold Brew Maker by OVALWARE - 1.0L/1.5L


Introducing the OVALWARE Cold Brew Coffee Maker for a reliable quality coffee brewing experience you deserve.

Our signature Cold Brew Coffee Maker will help you make Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate in 3 easy steps: simply fill, brew, and serve!

The Cold Brew Maker’s airtight seal and easy-access handle are engineered to fit within your fridge shelf perfectly. It is a modern solution to quality homemade coffee for those who lead fast-paced lives.

Whether it is coffee or tea, the OVALWARE Cold Brew Maker is the one for you to make your drink of choice, hot or cold, to experience refined craftsmanship you can always count on.

With hand-blown made in the finest laboratory-grade borosilicate glass, this premium brewing equipment combines aesthetics, design, and function.

Experience Premium Cold Brew Coffee today.


Cold Brew Coffee Maker - Features

  • Simple brewing steps, save you time and money
  • Keep fresh for 2 weeks in the fridge with air-tight seals
  • 70% less acidic and smoother taste coffee than hot brewing
  • Mix with other drinks and create infinite possibilities
  • Brew both coffee or tea, loose-leaf or tea bag
  • Ergonomic easy-access handle
  • Protective OVAL-wave design silicone base
  • 30 Days risk-free return with a full refund if unsatisfied

Cold Brew Coffee Maker - Specifications

  • Volume: 1.0L / 1.5L
  • 1.0L Dimensions: 7.9(h) x 4.6(w) inches
  • 1.5L Dimensions: 9.6(h) x 5.5(w) inches
  • High-quality hand-blown borosilicate glass
  • 18/8 stainless steel filter and cap
  • BPA-free silicone air-tight seal
  • Dishwasher safe


Cold Brew Maker 1.0L - DimensionsOVALWARE Cold Brew Maker 1.0L


Cold Brew Maker 1.5L - Dimensions
OVALWARE Cold Brew Maker 1.5L


Cold Brew Coffee Maker - Customer Review
OVALWARE Cold Brew Maker Customer ReviewOVALWARE Cold Brew Maker Customer ReviewOVALWARE Cold Brew Maker Customer ReviewOVALWARE Cold Brew Maker Customer ReviewOVALWARE Cold Brew Maker Customer Review

Additional Information about Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Product FAQs

Cold Brew Maker Insert Card


Recommended Ground Fineness:

Extra coarse / coarse


Recommended Grounds & Water Ratio:
For 1.0L: 85g ground, fill water to the MAX line
For 1.5L: 110g ground, fill water to the MAX line


Cold Brew Recipes:

Our Cold Brew Procedure

OVAL-RECIPE: Cold Brew Iced Tea

OVAL-RECIPE: Iced Lemon Coffee

OVAL-RECIPE: Vanilla Bean Iced Coffee

OVAL-RECIPE: Chai Cold Brew

11 Must-Try Pairings with Cold Brew Coffee


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For our Cold Brew Makers:

Free Standard Shipping within USA

1 Year Limited Warranty (Sign Up)

6 Months Glass Quality Guarantee

Full Refund within 30 Days of Purchase

Protecting the Planet with our Eco-Packaging Project

In 2021, we started our ZERO-PLASTIC packaging project because we care about the environment as much as your coffee. See our progress with the Cold Brew Maker packaging.

(coming 2022 Q4)

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