Kettles by Ovalware provides you the ultimate, precise, controlled pouring experience. Pour over coffee demands simplicity, control, and clear attention to detail. We gathered the most crucial elements of a solid, reliable pour over kettle and condensed it all into our signature Kettle. Whether brewing at home, for friends and family, or professionally, it’s time for you take full control and flavor from your coffee beans.

Modern gooseneck spout design and fiber-reinforced, heat-resistant handle, as well as a neatly placed, built-in-thermometer allows you professional control, in the luxury and comfort of home. Recommended for anyone serious about pour over coffee; whether you\'re a beginner, curious about third wave coffee, or a seasoned professional, you’ll find a new sense of satisfaction and pleasure in every pour. Also compatible for other forms of home brewing, such as tea.

It’s time to take your brewing to the next level. Browse our kettles today and experience a world of pour over coffee like never before.