Water-Ground Relationships - Ovalware

Water-Ground Relationships

The Ideal Ground To Water Ratio & Water Temperature For Velvety Smooth Pour Over By simply fixing your coffee ground to water ratio, you can si...

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Easy Coffee Grinding Tips - Ovalware

Easy Coffee Grinding Tips

Great grinding technique gives you great coffee. Knowing how fine to grind coffee isn’t just another part of coffee, but one of the most important...

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Cold Brew Origin - Ovalware

Cold Brew Origin

Here’s a fun fact that you can casually drop on your next coffee date ;)The origin of Cold Brew Coffee is….*drumroll* Kyoto, Japan! Kyoto Cold Brew...

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Get to Know Your Beans! - Ovalware

Get to Know Your Beans!

Coffee bean selection is a very important part of your coffee. So without further ado ***drumroll*** let's get straight to the beans! >:) Beans ...

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Why Brew at Home? - Ovalware

Why Brew at Home?

If you are the kind of person who buys your morning coffee from shops every morning, perhaps you should consider brewing your own at home. Here are...

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